Timeline Project Services FZC


Timeline Projects Services FZC was formed in 2016 and primarily, provides project planning & delay analysis consultancy services to the construction Industry in the UAE.

The company operates under a free trade license provided by Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone Authority.


The services TPS can offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation and submission of delay event notification;
  • Preparation and submission event interim particulars;
  • Preparation of fragnets depicting the delay event;
  • Preparation of all forms[1] of delay impact analysis using Oracle (Primavera) P6;
  • Prepare consolidated delay analysis;
  • Prepare impact analysis supporting narrative;
  • Review Oracle (Primavera) P6 & P3 programmes; and
  • Represent the client’s interest in respect of delay matters at meetings.


Ability to provide the above services has been developed during the 30 years serving the industry as planner and forensic planner/delay analyst for a range of projects which include: Airport Construction (HK, Doha and Abu Dhabi), Fresh Water distribution (Great Man-made River Project Phase 2, Libya), Hotel construction (Dubai), University Campus construction (Abu Dhabi), Underground Rail and Nuclear Reprocessing Plant (UK).

Services we are currently able to provide

Rates for services provided by Timeline Project Services FZC

Service Provision

Rate (AED/Day)

Rate (Monthly)

Delay Analyst/Claims Support




Work Periods

Timeline Project Services FZC operate a 5 day working week and 9hr working day. Whilst it understands circumstance may dictate an extension to the normal work periods these should be the exception and not the rule. In all circumstances Timeline Project Services FZC shall endeavour to meet its client’s requirement and shall charge the above rates plus 10% for overtime hours.


[1] Time Impact, Planned v Actual, Windows, Collapsed as Built, etc.

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